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``Don't miss any opportunity``

Hi, I'm Hayden, If you see me out and about, come say hi! I enjoy meeting new people and potential friends. :]


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Yo! My name is Ben, Two wheels has been my thing for a a couple years now. I love all types of riding, especially the technical, rooty, rocky, and maneuvering the bike on one wheel type of stuff, and I enjoy a good pedal. I’m getting into racing enduro this year so keep an eye out for me I’m always down for a party lap and laugh!


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Hello, I’m Connor. I’m a rider for Death Grip Designs. I love riding bikes, and taking videos of exotic cars and other cars like that but that is more of my side hobby, my full hobby is Mountain biking.


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Hey! My name is Dillon, I am a multi sport athlete and i absolutely love mountain biking! I enjoy fast, steep, downhill trails, or really anything that looks like fun! Another hobby I have is trail building and a quote that i live by is “No dig, No ride!”


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Yo my name is Nate I’m a multi sport athlete and I love to ride my bike anytime I can and especially on tech trails or jump lines or anything at a bike park honestly and I’m stoked to be riding for death grip designs!